Services Offered

Kairos Sales Group is designed to work with companies or individuals. These can either be in-person or virtual; although in-person is preferred for group settings to maximize learning potential. When working with companies, we will design a curriculum or speaking event that is catered to meet your needs. Each service offered will be unique and customized to meet the demands relevant to you and your employees. Kairos is geared toward working with two types of individuals, those who are new to sales and want guidance to help them reach the top and to those who are already performing at the top of their industry and want to be better than their best.

Introductory Call

Let’s chat to see if Kairos is a good fit for you, then we will work together to develop a coaching strategy to help you succeed.

3 months 1:1 Sessions

6 months 1:1 Sessions

12 months 1:1 Sessions

Individual Coaching and Company Training

Group Trainings

For entire companies or separate departments, we offer topic specific or generic skills.

Keynote speaking

Examples include Conferences, Community Meetings, Board Meetings, lunch and learn.


Whether you have grown your staff and need individual training or you are looking to grow and need assistance finding the right fit for your company.

Strategic Planning

Centered around revenue generation.